What is the e-edition?

The electronic edition is an exact replica of The Birmingham News in electronic form and is available in all counties. It differs from al.com in that you can page through the entire newspaper on-line just like the printed version you receive at your doorstep.

What are the benefits of using the E-edition?

  • Your students can view all the text, photos, and advertisements exactly as they are printed in the daily paper, because it is an exact replica of the print edition that is delivered to your home.
  • Changing the size of the print and the layout of the screen, turning pages with a click of a button makes reading the e-edition easy and convenient for students and teachers alike.
  • Keyword searches give students the power to research any topic, person or event instantly.
  • Daily notification of topics or subjects that you want your students to explore in the newspaper can be done automatically.
  • Increased use of e-Edition subscriptions will have a positive impact environment.
  • How does the e-edition subscription work?

    When you sign up for the e-edition you will only receive one user name ( your email address) and password. Your username will be your email address and we will provide you with a password that all of your students will use.

    How do I place an order for e-editions?

    Send us a note, and we will contact you with credentials.

    To determine how many licenses or copies you will need, you will want to order based on your largest class size. This will allow you to sign that many students on at one time using the same user name and password. For example, if you order 25 licenses you can have 25 computers signed on to the e-edition all at the same time. Even if you only plan on projecting articles from one computer in your classroom, sign up for a class size, as that is how many students will be viewing the electronic edition.

    How do I use the electronic edition if my classroom only has a few computers?

    Some teachers send half (or all) of their class to the library or computer lab. When they return to the class, these students work on assignments related to the electronic edition while the other half of the class goes to the library or computer lab. Others give students assignments to do on their own, either at the school library or on another computer at the school.

    Teachers who have more than one computer sometimes set up learning stations. Others use an LCD projector, TV or whiteboard for their class.

    No student computer access at all? You can print out the selected material for handouts or view it on an overhead projector, just like the paper version.

    How much does a subscription to the e-edition cost?

    The e-edition is available at the school rate at no cost.

    May I view an e-edition prior to subscribing?

    To sample the e-Edition, click here.
    To reserve your subscription please submit your request here.

    How soon will my e-Edition subscription start?

    NIE will make every effort to start your subscription as soon as possible, and within no more than a week of receiving your order. You will receive an email with your username and password. Receipt of this email signifies access to the e-edition.

    Why must I sign an affidavit Form at the end of my NIE subscription?

    When teachers place an order through NIE, they agree to sign an affidavit form. NIE starts the order based on the assurance that an affidavit form will be signed and received as agreed. NIE must collect affidavit forms from school subscribers because we must verify for outside auditors that e-editions were actually requested, received and used in an educational setting. Without this documentation, the NIE program is not able to provide sponsored services to the education community.

    Will there be an issue receiving the e-edition due to the school district’s internet connection being too small to hold the bandwidth required?

    The pages of the e-Edition are hosted on separate servers, which are dedicated to this application. It will only take a small bandwidth on the side of the school district to use this product.